Tomorrow on Revelation III

Created by C. J. Linton and Dominique Dickey

a tabletop roleplaying game about surviving and building community on a hyper-capitalist space station

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All books have shipped!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 20, 2021 at 03:35:18 PM

Hello backers!

Exciting news: All Tomorrow on Revelation III books have now shipped! Thank you for your patience and support throughout this journey. We could not be more delighted to have made this game and for it to now be in your hands.

What if I haven’t received my book yet?

It might still be in transit! Please check your email address for an email from Pirate Ship with your USPS or international shipping tracking number. International shipments in particular have been taking a uniquely and disappointingly long time to arrive, which is out of our control, and we’ve heard from a few people that their domestic shipments took a while as well.

That said: If you haven’t received your book by January 3, 2022, please:

1) Check that you filled out the backer survey with your address and paid for shipping. This only applies to like, three of you, but if that applies to you, we’d love to get your book to you.

2) If you did fill out your backer survey, please reach out to us. We can look into the shipping situation on our end, and if your book was lost in the mail, we will reship it.

Here are a few more postcards that have been rolling in:

D9 of 9, shared by @vanwinkelhoff
E6 of 9, shared by @inkandwolves

If you’ve received a postcard, we’d love if you shared it out on Twitter with the hashtag #ToR3! And if you’ve enjoyed the game, please consider leaving us a review or rating on—it does a lot for the game’s visibility on the site.

Finally, we’re excited to share that we have another game in the works that will be crowdfunding in the first quarter of next year! It's titled Plant Girl Game, and it's about a family of plant children working together to thwart ecological disaster. We’ll share more about the project once we know what platform it will be on (with Kickstarter’s pivot to blockchain, we’re weighing our other options).

Have a great rest of your year and we’ll see you in the future!

— Dominique and Charles

Shipping Progress!
2 months ago – Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 12:20:32 PM

Hello, backers!

Big news: 85% of books have shipped! We expect to get the remaining copies sent out by early next week. The finish line approaches. In the meantime, two small matters of logistics:

  • If you live in the EU and backed at a print edition level, you should’ve just received an email from us about VAT. With new VAT rates, we want to make sure you’re aware of the potential tax and are comfortable paying it, so we’re asking you to confirm you would still like to receive your book. If this applies to you and you did not receive an email from us, please shoot us a message on Kickstarter.
  • We’re using the shipping software Pirate Ship to help us fulfill orders, and it’s sending you emails. When we created your shipping label, it should have sent you an automated email that includes your tracking number. The email inconveniently does not mention that the package contains Tomorrow on Revelation III. It looks something like this:

If you’re wondering about the status of your book, this email contains a tracking number. If you have not received this email, it probably means your book hasn’t shipped yet.

Other than that...we're so excited for you to have the book in your hands and to hear what you think. Here are two postcards that were shared by backers to Twitter:

A6 of 8, shared by @AdiraSlattery
D6 of 9, shared by @SingularCharle

If you receive a postcard and choose to share it, please use the tag #ToR3! We hope you’re having fun piecing together these shared stories.

— Dominique & Charles

Books are shipping!
2 months ago – Tue, Nov 09, 2021 at 11:56:50 PM

Hello and happy Saturday!

Exciting news: we started packaging and shipping books to domestic backers today! Of our 251 total print orders, 180 will be in the mail on Monday. The remaining books, including international orders, will ship in waves over the next two weeks.

Our thermal printer is named Bernard II.

Personal Assistant (Early Bird) and Administrator, Engineer, and Merchant level backers are also receiving a piece of ephemera along with their book: a postcard with a unique piece of micro fiction. Now that they’ll be arriving in your mailboxes soon, we wanted to share a little more about the postcards. Each postcard is unique—no backer is receiving a postcard with the same text. Each postcard is also a stand-alone story, but together different sets of postcards make up six larger stories, one loosely connected to each Deck. The postcard series are:

  •  Series A: Tabloids following a couple of Deck A elites and infamous auteur-socialite Jared Adams Jr. Eight postcards.
  •  Series B: A sequence of incident reports from Revelation III technicians. Eight postcards.
  •  Series C: Scenes from the open air market on Deck C. Nine postcards.
  •  Series D: Excerpts from Tomorrow on Revelation III: Robot Stories, featuring station inhabitants talking about their robot friends. Nine postcards.
  •  Series E: Moments of kindness on Deck E, described by an anonymous observer. Nine postcards.
  •  Series F: Reflections from Omar Keller in his Deck F cell. Ten postcards.

If you’re receiving a postcard, we encourage you to post yours on social media with the hashtag #ToR3 so that other folks can piece together the full stories.

Here’s an example postcard from a backer who graciously has permitted us to share theirs with everyone:

If you haven’t finalized your address, PLEASE go do so immediately! We really want to make sure your book gets to you.

Expect another update from us soon once all books are in the mail!

— Dominique & Charles

Finalize Your Shipping Address
3 months ago – Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 03:15:11 PM

Hello backers!

We hope the start of your fall has been going well. We have a few updates for you:

  •  We updated the digital edition of the game on
    Tomorrow on Revelation III underwent a few minor revisions while we were preparing for print, and the updated version is now online. The changes were primarily standardization and a few typo fixes, but we also updated the language of two of the task difficulty ranges for clarity.

  •  The book went to print!
    We’d hoped to finalize the print edition sooner, but were troubleshooting some issues with spine alignment. Now that all of that is squared away, Tomorrow on Revelation III is officially in production. Based on the book size and volume of the order, it should take about four days to print and then a hand wave-y amount of time to be packaged and shipped to us. The estimated delivery date is Friday, October 22—barring the probability of delays, if the books arrive on time we’re ready to get our shipping ducks in a row that weekend and begin shipping out in batches the following week.

Sokka doesn’t care if his copy of Tomorrow on Revelation III has a misaligned spine because he can’t read.

That in mind, please...

  •  Finalize your shipping address.
    We’re locking shipping addresses by this Friday, October 22, so make sure yours is updated before then. If you need to update your address, go to, click “Recover Lost Survey,” and input your Kickstarter account email. BackerKit will send you the survey, and you can update your shipping address there.

We'll write another update when the books are in our hands. 


Dominique and Charles

The PDF of Tomorrow on Revelation III is finally here!
4 months ago – Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 05:05:00 PM

Hello backers,

The PDF of Tomorrow on Revelation III is here!

Moments ago, emails went out for all digital rewards. In addition to your Tomorrow on Revelation III PDF, you should have also received the additional digital rewards in separate emails. This applies to backers who pledged at the ARTIST, TEACHER, or LABOR SUPERVISOR level, as well as those of you who purchased TRIAL, Those of Us Who Know Better, or both as add-ons.

If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey (which gave you the option to provide an alternate email address), your digital rewards were distributed to your Kickstarter account email. If you did not receive any of your digital rewards, please comment on this update and we’ll reach out to you.

Now that the digital edition is in your hands, we’d love to hear about the things you’re excited by as well as the things you want to hear more about. If you’re on Twitter, we’d appreciate if you use the hashtag #ToR3 when you’re talking about the game. (You can find us as @DomSDickey and @NearFutures, respectively.) So far we’ve been chatting about mission modules and this uncomfortably sexy space cat postcard that we decided to write Revelation III flash fiction on, and we’ll be talking more about the game over the next few days. We’d be super hyped for you to join in the conversation.

Also, if you catch any typos in the book, here’s a form you can fill out. Your help catching errors before the book goes to print is much appreciated.

As a final reminder: if you ordered the print edition and haven’t filled out your BackerKit survey, please do that posthaste! We need your address to send you a book. In print book updates, we received the proofs this past weekend, and are in the process of reviewing them.

More from us soon!


Dominique & Charles