Tomorrow on Revelation III

Created by C. J. Linton and Dominique Dickey

a tabletop roleplaying game about surviving and building community on a hyper-capitalist space station

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The PDF of Tomorrow on Revelation III is finally here!
11 months ago – Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 05:05:00 PM

Hello backers,

The PDF of Tomorrow on Revelation III is here!

Moments ago, emails went out for all digital rewards. In addition to your Tomorrow on Revelation III PDF, you should have also received the additional digital rewards in separate emails. This applies to backers who pledged at the ARTIST, TEACHER, or LABOR SUPERVISOR level, as well as those of you who purchased TRIAL, Those of Us Who Know Better, or both as add-ons.

If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey (which gave you the option to provide an alternate email address), your digital rewards were distributed to your Kickstarter account email. If you did not receive any of your digital rewards, please comment on this update and we’ll reach out to you.

Now that the digital edition is in your hands, we’d love to hear about the things you’re excited by as well as the things you want to hear more about. If you’re on Twitter, we’d appreciate if you use the hashtag #ToR3 when you’re talking about the game. (You can find us as @DomSDickey and @NearFutures, respectively.) So far we’ve been chatting about mission modules and this uncomfortably sexy space cat postcard that we decided to write Revelation III flash fiction on, and we’ll be talking more about the game over the next few days. We’d be super hyped for you to join in the conversation.

Also, if you catch any typos in the book, here’s a form you can fill out. Your help catching errors before the book goes to print is much appreciated.

As a final reminder: if you ordered the print edition and haven’t filled out your BackerKit survey, please do that posthaste! We need your address to send you a book. In print book updates, we received the proofs this past weekend, and are in the process of reviewing them.

More from us soon!


Dominique & Charles

Digital Release Delay
11 months ago – Tue, Sep 07, 2021 at 05:37:33 PM

Hello backers,

We had planned to release the Tomorrow on Revelation III PDF past on Wednesday, September 1, but in an unexpected turn of events, we’re still waiting for itch to authorize the distribution of download keys for digital rewards. We’re very sorry for the delay: the PDF is ready to go, and as soon as itch responds to our support ticket we’ll be able to get it into your hands!

In the meantime, you can view the itch landing page here, and Charles made a playlist for the game:

Thanks for bearing with us, and more soon.

— Dominique & Charles

Digital Edition Imminent
11 months ago – Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 09:55:25 PM

Hello backers,

We’ve been busy in the world of Revelation III since our last update in early July, so we’ll start with the big announcement: 

 The PDF edition of Tomorrow on Revelation III will be released on September 1st! 

A lot has obviously happened in the space of the last six weeks. All four mission modules were completed and edited, character sheets were finalized, Vee finished laying out the game … everyone on the team has worked immensely hard to help us make our timeline for the release, and we remain delighted and slightly overwhelmed by everyone’s work. The game currently stands at 114 pages and over 20,000 words. Here’s a sneak preview of a few more interior pages:

Pages 48-49 of Tomorrow on Revelation III, featuring the Freight Worker and the Labor Supervisor backgrounds.
Pages 52-53 of Tomorrow on Revelation III, featuring a play example about backgrounds.
Pages 68-69 of Tomorrow on Revelation III, detailing Conditions.

… and that’s only a tiny peek at the full game, which Vee did a phenomenal job with.

Some other logistics:

  •  We are at 92% completion on backer surveys! If you have not filled out your backer survey yet, please do that. This is how we’re getting both the email attached to the account that you want digital rewards delivered to, and shipping address for those of you receiving print books.
  •  Print book preorders and backer surveys will be locked September 1 so that we can start getting our ducks in a row for ordering the physical edition and getting it to you.

And here’s what’s up next for us:

  •  Ordering the proof version of the print book. This will happen later this week, and if everything looks good when it arrives, we will be placing the full order mid-September. Barring printing delays, we hope to have the books in our hands by the last week of the month, and are prepared to start promptly shipping them out to you all via US Media Mail.
         We’re handling fulfillment ourselves, so the books will be going out in batches. Our hope is to have everything in the mail by the middle of October.
  •  Finishing up the microfiction postcards for Early Bird backers. More on these in the next update, but we have some exciting things in the works with these guys.

Press and other news:

  • We were interviewed about Tomorrow on Revelation III by Marx Shepard on Yes Indie'd Pod, which you can listen to here.
  • Additional fun: Taylor of Podtails made a cocktail based on the above episode called “Rage is a Useful Tool." The recipe is here. (It’s a very good cocktail, we tried it.)
(We substituted mango juice for grapefruit juice.)

It’s been a wild summer and production process, and we’re pleased to be nearing the finish line. More from us soon!

Backerkit Surveys Sent and Layout in Progress
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 04:14:16 PM

Hello backers!

Backerkit surveys went out today, so you should receive a link to complete the survey shortly, if you haven’t already. If you don’t receive the survey by the end of the day today, please reach out to us.

An important note about survey completion: If you would like to be credited as a backer in the text of the game, you need to complete your survey by August 1. We’ll leave the surveys open longer than that to ensure we have the most up-to-date shipping addresses before the print books go out, but we need to pull the backer names for our lovely layout designer Vee sooner than that.

Speaking of layout! This past week, Vee sent us a draft of the first chapter of the game text. It looks fantastic, and we can’t wait to share all of it with you. Here’s a small preview of her wonderful work:

Since our last update, Sadia and Tim have completed the interior artwork and map, so production is well underway. You can see more of the map in the above pages, and one of the half-page illustrations below:

Thanks for sticking with us so far, and more from Revelation III soon!

Final Text and Rad Art
about 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 02:05:34 PM

Hello, backers! Thank you for your patience over the past month and a half. Dominique and I have been working hard to finish writing Tomorrow on Revelation III and finalize our timeline and various production costs. Since you last heard from us, the following has transpired:

  •  The primary text of the game is complete! It is currently with our awesome copy editor, Ryan.
  • We have drafts of two of the stretch goal modules! We are working with our writers to edit them.
  •  Our artists have been working hard to complete map and interior artwork. Below is a sneak preview of two of Sadia’s pieces:

Within the next week, you will be receiving a survey from BackerKit that will ask for the name under which you’d like to be credited in the book, as well as your shipping address if you’re receiving the print edition.

Other miscellany:

  • Recordings of the Tomorrow on Revelation III one-shot Dominique ran on ActualPlay is available on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2 
  • Beau Jágr Sheldon interviewed Dominique about Tomorrow on Revelation III for his blog Thoughty. You can read that interview here.

Once again, we appreciate your support and are so stoked to be able to be bringing you this game.