Tomorrow on Revelation III

Created by C. J. Linton and Dominique Dickey

a tabletop roleplaying game about surviving and building community on a hyper-capitalist space station

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Actual Play stream, Game Closet interview, and stretch goals!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Apr 03, 2021 at 11:55:44 PM

We’re in the home stretch of the campaign! The Kickstarter ends in five days, at which point we’ll be full speed ahead with finishing the game. We wanted to give you a few media and development updates in the meantime.

First, Dominique will be running a one-shot on Actual Play this coming Monday, April 5 at 6:30 PST! That will be on They’ll be GMing for the wonderful Viditya Voleti (Space Goblins, Space Between Stars, Kiran on Corazón Station), Jamila R. Nedjadi of Sword Queen Games (Apocalypse Keys, BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home, co-host of The Gauntlet podcast), and “Mad Jay” Brown (host of the Diceology podcast, Actual Play streamer, Hit the Streets: Defend the Block). If you’re interested in seeing the game on its feet, here’s your chance!

We were also interviewed on Game Closet about Tomorrow on Revelation III. You can listen to the episode here. Taylor is a wonderful interviewer and we had a blast talking about the genesis of the game and a lot of the design choices behind it.

And, some campaign and game development updates:

  •  We hit our first stretch goal! We get to pay ourselves for writing game, which is awesome.
  •  We’re also pretty close on some other stretch goals! We’re less than $50 from being able to bring Ryan Boyd on as a copy editor, just over $1,500 from being able to print physical copies in full color, and from there not too far from awesome modules from Jabari, Kazumi, and Jonaya. If you know folks who would be interested in Tomorrow on Revelation III, we’d love it if you could share this campaign with them.
  •  We’re continuing to playtest and develop additional materials. Charles is running a short campaign with the current draft of the game with the goal of tweaking backgrounds and finishing up the GM guide, as well as working on a Google Sheets character keeper to complement the form-fillable PDF that Vee will be making. If you’re interested in playing the game in advance of release, there is a prototype PDF available for backers in the previous update.

We can't wait to share more of this game with you!

Dominique and Charles

Thank you! Here's a prototype of the game
over 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 06:30:47 PM

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